Principles of sanitation in dairy cows breeding

NOVÁK, Pavel and MALÁ, Gabriela. Principles of sanitation in dairy cows breeding. Náš chov, 2017, vol. 77(5), p. 69-73. ISSN 0027-8068.
CathegoryPublication in specialized journals
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Observance of breeding environment hygiene are one of the basic preventive measures in cattle farms, it is an integral part of the principles of good husbandry practices and biosecurity. Routine preventive sanitation (washing, cleaning and disinfection) prevents the disease manifestations and fatigue of stable environment. The basic prerequisite for effective disinfection is mechanical cleaning. The quality of its performance determines the final effect of disinfection. The integrated system of disinfection is the most effective way of the fight against insects and other arthropods. Efficacy rodent control fully depends on the choice of the form of baits and dosage and their correct placement.