Acorns as organic component of pig diet

BĚLKOVÁ, Jaroslava, ROZKOT, Miroslav, VÁCLAVKOVÁ, Eva a KUCHAŘOVÁ, Stanislava., 2021 Acorns as organic component of pig diet. In 19. BOKU - Symposium Tierernährung. Tierernährung zwischen tierwohl und Umweltschutz. Wien: Institut für Tierernährung, Tierische Lebensmittel und Ernährungsphysiologie, s. 102-106. ISSN 978-3-900932-72-5
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The essence of organic farming is a return to nature and historic tradition. For pigs, this means pasture farming systems based on collecting such foods as acorns and chestnuts. In some regions, these farming methods have been maintained as ancient traditions and are still used to this day. In many other places, including the Czech Republic, however, these methods represent a return to a forgotten tradition. We have decided to update the information and determine the nutritional value of acorns commonly occurring in the Czech landscape and evaluate the effects these feeds have on growth of pigs. This information is instrumental in optimizing feeding rations for pigs reared through alternative methods as well as evaluating the effects these feeds have on the quality of produced meat.

ProjektVýkrm kanečků jako ekonomicky i eticky přijatelná možnost řešení zákazu a omezení chirurgické kastrace
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