Alloparental care and adoption in Tengmalm’s Owl (Aegolius funereus)

KOUBA, Marek, BARTOŠ, Luděk, ŠINDELÁŘ, Jiří a ŠŤASTNÝ, Karel. Alloparental care and adoption in Tengmalm’s Owl (Aegolius funereus). Journal of Ornithology, 2017, 158, 185-191. ISSN 0021-8375.
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Few cases of adoption have been reported in solitary breeding raptors, and in owls adoption has only been reported in two species. Here we report four cases of brood-switching of juvenile Tengmalm’s Owls (Aegolius funereus), recorded during and after the post-fledging dependence period using radio-telemetry, and a case of three orphaned siblings (one nestling and two fledglings) originally from one nestbox successfully fostered to another one. A possible evolutionary context of the brood-switching is discussed.

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