Biochemical parameters in saliva as a marker of workload in horses

PEŠKOVÁ, Lucie a HOSTOVSKÝ, Martin., 2021 Biochemical parameters in saliva as a marker of workload in horses. In XXIII. Konference mladých vědeckých pracovníků s mezinárodní účastí. : , s. 31-33. ISSN
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This study shows the results of salivary markers of 40 (20 recreational, 20 sport) horses of different age and breeds. Biochemical markers such as α-amylase and lactate were amended with lipid peroxidation to determine stress level during exercise. Positive correlation (p < 0,01) was shown in α-amylase at recovery phase after workload in sport horses, but also in the beginning of exercise. Whereas recreation horse group needs more time to recover, it may be due to lack of adaptability of organism to higher demands. All of the used methods mutually showed statistically significant correlation (p < 0.01) so evidently, they are useful markers of disruption of well-being in horses. Increase activity of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis that was launched, determined as increased α-amylase, potentially means that horses were expected higher demands that can fulfil. Our findings show that the methods are applicably for analysis of stress and disrupted welfare