Carcass composition of pigs classified in different SEUROP grades

PULKRÁBEK, Jan, VÍTEK, Martin., VALIŠ, Libor a DAVID, Libor. Carcass composition of pigs classified in different SEUROP grades. Research in Pig Breeding, 2009, roč. 3(1), s. 42-44. ISSN 1802-7547.
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A total of 225 carcasses from the pig hybrid combinations most frequently used in the Czech Republic were included into the analysis. As sires, purebred boars of Czech Large White (sire line), line 38 (DxPN), and line 68 (HxPN) were used. Pigs were fattened under production conditions commonly used in the CR. Left carcass sides were analysed and detailed dissections were performed according to the EU reference method. The proportion of main meat parts (HMČ-ČR) ? ham, loin, neck and shoulder, always without fat cover ? was 57.11 plus minus 0.294, 54.48 plus minus 0.170, 51.44 plus minus 0.174, and 48.53 plus minus 0.280 % in classification grades S, E, U, and R, respectively. The difference between the extreme grades was 8.58 percent points. If the proportion of main meat parts in the grade S is considered 100 %, its value in the grade R would be 84.9 %.

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