Chapter 15 - Nuclear Transfer Technology and Its Use in Reproductive Medicine

LOI, Pasqualino, CZERNIK, Marta, PALAZZESE, Luca, SCAPOLO, Pier Augusto, FULKOVÁ, Helena a FULKA, Josef Jr. Chapter 15 - Nuclear Transfer Technology and Its Use in Reproductive Medicine. In Manual of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Human Assisted Reproduction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021, s. 148-153. ISBN 978-11-0888-759-5.
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This chapter focuses on the application of nuclear transfer for production of “artificial gametes”, through the haploidization of somatic cells transplanted into immature (germinal vesicle, GV) or mature (metaphase II) oocytes. Haploidization of somatic nuclei through their transfer into oocytes from human, or model mammals has been attempted already with predominantly negative outcomes. In this chapter we critically review the published reports on the topic, with the conclusion that induction of a “totipotent” state to the somatic cell nuclei prior to haploidization has never been taken into consideration. The message our chapter conveys is that advancements in knowledge of in vitro somatic cell reprogramming, and remodeling of somatic cells injected into “selectively enucleated germinal vesicle” (SEGV) oocytes, make realistic the production of artificial gametes through haploidization of somatic cells by nuclear transfer.

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