Dairy cows housing environment – an integral part of the herd health, welfare and biosecurity

NOVÁK, Pavel a MALÁ, Gabriela. Dairy cows housing environment – an integral part of the herd health, welfare and biosecurity. In Bienestar animal en la practica, en producciones lecheras, desde la perspectiva europea. the Netherlands: F.J.C.M. van Eerdenburg, 2018, s. 22-25. ISBN .
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The study is focused on the analysis of the importance of individual components of rearing environment with the respect for the welfare, health and biosecurity of dairy cows. The selected welfare, health and biosecurity indicators were analysed on dairy cow farms. The selection of indicators, methods of measurement and their evaluation will be used in different dairy cows production technological systems (housing environment, feeding, drinking, removing of excrements, ventilation). Individual indicators were evaluated by simple 3-point scale. Each critical point is given by the sum of points for each character. Prevention of diseases of farm animals is a prerequisite for ensuring good health and performance of animals housed and achieving economic profitability of breeding and the quality of the final products. Maintaining mutual balance between animal health, environment and production should be based on fulfilling the basic needs of livestock and the principles of biosecurity.

ProjektVytvoření systému hodnocení biosecurity, welfare a zdraví hospodářských zvířat pro produkci zdravotně nezávadných surovin a potravin živočišného původu
OdděleníTechnologie a technika chovu hospodářských zvířat