Detection, prevention and impact of lameness in dairy cattle management

KRPÁLKOVÁ, Lenka, MURPHY, Aidan, ZAVADILOVÁ, Ludmila, O¨MAHONY, Niall, CARVALHO, Anderson, CAMPBELL, Sean a WALSH, Joseph., 2019 Detection, prevention and impact of lameness in dairy cattle management. In ISER - ACN International Conference. Singapore: World Research Society, s. 26-30. ISSN 978-93-89732-29-0
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The objective of this study was to provide an overview of sensors for automated lameness detection and discusses our first results and some practical considerations for investigating and applying such systems in practice. Lameness and hoof diseases are the traits with low heritability and therefore prompt detection and early treatment will decrease the time to recovery, prevent some premature culling, and improve cow comfort. The second objective of this study was to evaluate the association of hoof health on reproduction and production in dairy cattle. The data set consisted of records from 19 145 dairy cows at 11 dairy farms in the Czech Republic during the years 1998 to 2016. Observations were grouped according to the number of hoof disease (HD) incidence. Great variability among farms was observed. The higher the number of HD frequency per lactation, the greater was the negative association on production and reproductive performance. Sensors that measure behaviors associated with lameness in cows can help by alerting the farmer of those cows in need of treatment.

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