Diversity of insect intestinal microflora

MRÁZEK, J., ŠTROSOVÁ, L., FLIEGEROVÁ, T., KOTT, Tomáš a KOPEČNÝ, J. Diversity of insect intestinal microflora. Folia Microbiologica, 2008, 53, 229-233. ISSN 0015-5632.
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The influence of geographic location, season, age, and part of the digestive tract on bacterial diversity was evaluated in intestinal microflora of honeybees, wasps, and cockroaches. The microflora of the bees exhibited little variations among the hivesfrom distant locations. Their bifidobacterial population formed 2.8-8.4 % of total bacteria and was very homogeneous. The total gut microflora of wasps was also homogeneous, only two samples being affected by the season or the location; on the other hand, wasp bifidobacterial population was very heterogeneous. Cockroaches showed the highest variations in microflora composition, the age and diet being the ultimate factors. Bifidobacteria counts also varied among tested individuals (0.1-34.1 % of total bacteria). Our results suggest that nutrition habits are the strongest factor affecting the insect microflora, giving higher variations to omnivorous species.

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