Effect of dietary fat on the content of vitamins and carotenoids in egg yolks

MAROUNEK, Milan, SKŘIVAN, Miloš a ENGLMAIEROVÁ, Michaela. Effect of dietary fat on the content of vitamins and carotenoids in egg yolks. European Poultry Science, 2019, roč. 83(Mar.), s. 1-7. ISSN 1612-9199.
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This study evaluated the effects of fat source in the diet on the content of vitamins E and A, and carotenoids in egg yolks. Hisex Brown hens aged 49-56 weeks were fed on diets that differed in the content of crude fat (a diet without fat and diets supplemented with rapeseed or palm oil at 40 g/kg). Diets of all hens contained 3% dehydrated alfalfa (a source of carotenoids). Measurement of vitamin and carotenoid content in yolks was carried out by HPLC methods. Supplements of fat increased the alpha-tocopherol content in egg yolks by 80.1% (rapeseed oil) and 72.1% (palm oil), respectively. The increase of lutein, zeaxanthin and retinol in yolks of hens fed dehydrated alfalfa and oils was less pronounced (varied from 13.4% to 26.5%). Effects of dietary fat supplementation on deposition of lipophilic vitamins and carotenoids were small or statistically non-significant. The saturation of diets with fat increased the hen-day egg production and decreased the feed intake. It can be concluded that dietary inclusion of fat increased the deposition of alpha-tocopherol, retinol and carotenoids in eggs of hens fed a diet containing dehydrated alfalfa.

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