Effects of Crossing Wallachian Sheep with Texel

MILERSKI, Michal a ČERNÁ, M., 2018 Effects of Crossing Wallachian Sheep with Texel. In XXVIIIth Genetic Days 2018. České Budějovice: University of South Bohemia, s. 58. ISSN
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Czech and Slovak Wallachian sheep belong to Carpathian Zackel group of breeds. During the XX century the breed was widely crossed with other breeds and today original Wallachian sheep are kept as genetic resource. It is a hardy breed, well adapted to mountain conditions, with coarse and highly water resistant fleece, persisting flock instincts and ability to cover long distances in search of forage. Wallachian sheep are able to use and maintain mountain pastures with high biodiversity and provide high quality products: milk and meat. Nevertheless the meatiness and carcass conformation is rather poor in this breed and sheep traders often refuse to buy purebred lambs. The aim of this work was to evaluate effects of crossing the Wallachian sheep with Texel.

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