Elimination of dust production from stables for dairy cows

DOLEJŠ, Jan, MAŠATA, Ondřej a TOUFAR, Oldřich. Elimination of dust production from stables for dairy cows. Czech Journal of Animal Science, 2006, 51, 305-310. ISSN 1212-1819.
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Three experiments (A, B and C) with dairy cows were conducted in an air-conditioned stable under controlled conditions. The objective of the study was to determine the effect of the regulated ionic microclimate on the emission of dust particles (aerosol)up to the diameter of 10 micrometers (PM10). Four dairy cows were housed in common strawbedded boxes and the stable was equipped with a vacuum ventilation system. To regulate the ionic microclimate, the apparatus Agri 1 000 was used. Thus the airborne dust concentration in the stable was reduced by 12.7?26.2%. In experiments B and C statistical significance P < 0.05 was reached. The emissive flow from the stable was decreased from 7.41?8.63 mg/h to 5.30?6.55 mg/h per one animal, i.e. by 24.1?31.3%. Owingto ionisation the ratio of n+ to n? ions was changed. A unipolarity coefficient (P) was changed from 1.65?1.93 to 0.82?0.89, i.e. superiority of n? ions.

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