Farm animal genetic resources in the Slovak Republic

ORAVCOVÁ, M., HORA, J., HETÉNYI, L., BULLA, J., MÁTLOVÁ, Věra a KADLEČÍK, O. Farm animal genetic resources in the Slovak Republic. Czech Journal of Animal Science, 2004, 49, 430-435. ISSN 1212-1819.
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Farm animal genetic resources are used to a various extent and with different objectives in Slovakia. The improvement of breeds, kept to a smaller extent as a part of cultural heritage, for high production or reproduction traits is not a priority. Diversity of farm animals is viewed through the variety of species and breeds used for production of food for people and, also, through the variety of production systems in livestock. Within livestock species, populations of cattle, sheep, goat, pig and horsebreeds were analysed in detail. Preferably, breeds were evaluated with respect to the extent of endangerment (number of breeding females) and conservation programs involved. The origin of breeds was also taken into account. Within respective species, twenty-three local breeds and twenty-nine imported or exotic breeds, thirteen being newly imported and sixteen being imported for a longer time, were identified in Slovakia. Out of local breeds, fifteen breeds were classified as endangered.

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