Feed additives to reduce the use of antibiotics

MAERTENS, Luc, FALCAO-E-CUNHA, Louisa a MAROUNEK, Milan. Feed additives to reduce the use of antibiotics. In Recent advances in rabbit sciences. Melle - Belgium: European cooperation in the field of Scientific and Tecfinical Research, 2006, s. 259-265. ISBN 92-898-0030-5.
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Studies dealing with alternatives to antibiotics are quite limited in rabbits. Oligosaccharides have been the most intensively studied. It can not be excluded that some plant extracts negatively influence the intermediary metabolism of the animal. In addition, the increase of resistance of microbes to above mentioned antimicrobials is unavoidable after their long-term application. The long-lasting use of non-antibiotic antimicrobials may cause the spread of resistant microorganisms in the environment. Exogenous polysaccharidases can influence microbial growth in the intestine in spite of the absence of antimicrobial activity. Enzyme supplements might be effective in young animals with their less developed digestive system. Finally, further research isnecessary to study the combined use of pro- and prebiotics. Prebiotics can probably stimulate the colonisation of probiotics. Even a combination of pre- and probiotics with organic acids could have potential to increase gut health.

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