Genetic parameters for growth of young beef bulls

VOSTRÝ, Luboš, VESELÁ, Zdeňka a PŘIBYL, Josef. Genetic parameters for growth of young beef bulls. Archiv fur Tierzucht-Archives of Animal Breeding , 2012, 55, 245-254. ISSN 0003-9438.
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The average daily gains of young bulls on test stations (ADGT) were analysed for the most frequent breeds of beef cattle in the Czech Republic using a multiple-trait animal model. Body weights at birth (W0), at 120 days of age (W120) and at weaning at 210 days (WW) were considered in this model as pre-weaning growth. The tested models comprised some of the random effects: direct genetic effect, maternal genetic effect, permanent animal environment effect, permanent maternal environment effect, and some of the fixed effects: dam’s age, sex, herd-year-season, linear and quadratic regression on age at the beginning of the test. For optimization of the models Akaike information criterion (AIC), residual variance and likelihood ratio test were used. Coefficients of direct and maternal heritability across breeds of about 0.25 for W0, about 0.17 for W120, about 0.17 for WW and about 0.29 for ADGT were estimated by all models. All criteria selected models including the permanent animal environment effect, which was the most important effect in the model.

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