Gilt rearing impacts on sow performance and longevity – a review

BĚLKOVÁ, Jaroslava a ROZKOT, Miroslav. Gilt rearing impacts on sow performance and longevity – a review. Journal of Swine Health and Production, 2022, 30, 125-131. ISSN 1537-209X.
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Lifetime performance and longevity are very important parameters of prof- itability in sow breeding. Opportunity to improve lifetime performance and longevity may be found in the rearing period and preparation of gilts for their future reproductive role. With the aim to prevent premature culling, it is possible to influence body condition, limb condi- tion, mammary gland development, and proper function of the reproductive tract through nutrition, technology, and rear- ing strategies. Nutrition plays a very im- portant role, as it can affect all the basic requirements for achieving satisfactory gilt performance. Selecting the most ef- fective rearing strategy can be difficult because there are many factors affecting performance and longevity. The aim of this literature review is to provide up- to-date information on how sow longev- ity and performance can be influenced through choice of gilt rearing strategies and the important area of nutrition.

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