Heritability of behavioural traits in domestic dogs: A meta-analysis

HRADECKÁ, Lenka, BARTOŠ, Luboš, SVOBODOVÁ, Ivona a SALES, James. Heritability of behavioural traits in domestic dogs: A meta-analysis. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 2015, 170, 1-13. ISSN 0168-1591.
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Reviews summarizing the literature on heritability of behavioural traits in dogs have been published repeatedly over the last four decades. The conclusions of these reviews vary to some extent. We applied meta-analysis and re-evaluated the literature available collecting 48 references dealing with heritability of behavioural traits in domestic dogs. For each study included, data was extracted for individual behavioural traits. Each of these traits was entered into the analysis as a separate unit of measure, giving a total of 1763 measures. We classified the traits measured in each study into five functional categories (Environment, Herding, Hunting, Play, and Psychical characteristic). The meta-analysis has shown low general heritability of the categorised behavioural traits analysed. Thus, the commonly used behaviour tests for many breeds, to determine the dog’s eligibility for reproducing, traditionally required by many associations, is not supported by the present results of the meta-analysis.

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