Housing for unweaned dairy calves

MALÁ, Gabriela a NOVÁK, Pavel. Housing for unweaned dairy calves. In Bovine Prenatal, Perinatal and Neonatal Medicine. Budapest, Hungary: Hungarian Association for Buiatrics, 2021, s. 309-341. ISBN 978-615-01-3935-7.
Kateg. publikaceMonografie; brožury; knihy; kapitoly v knize
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The chapter „Housing for unweaned dairy calves” provides a overview of the various technological systems used for rearing of unweaned dairy calves, i.s. individual, group, pair housing and their combination. Chapter in this monography „Bovine Prenatal, Perinatal and Neonatal Medicine“ edited by Szenci et al. may be an effective tool for avoiding the most common mistakes during calf housing as unsuitable situating of calf hutches on the farm, calf heat stress, insufficient living space, low level cleanliness, insufficient deep of bedding and wet bedding, unsuitable microclimate, poor ventilation, lack of light etc. This chapter is based on results of research projects of authors and their practical experiences from the dairy cow farms. The chapter „Housing for unweaned dairy calves” provides a comprehensive guide of good breeding practice, with emphasis on the requirements related to unweaned calf rearing in relation to their physiological needs, health and welfare as a prerequisite for the achievement of the genetically determined productive and reproductive parameters.

ProjektVytvoření systému hodnocení biosecurity, welfare a zdraví hospodářských zvířat pro produkci zdravotně nezávadných surovin a potravin živočišného původu, Snížení aplikace antibiotik využitím ekologicky šetrných prebiotických a probiotických krmných aditiv ve výživě telat, Dlouhodobý koncepční rozvoj výzkumné organizace
OdděleníTechnologie a technika chovu hospodářských zvířat