Optimisation of economic parameters and determinants of ruminant production in the Slovak Republic

KRUPOVÁ, Zuzana, MICHALIČKOVÁ, Monika, KRUPA, Emil, HUBA, J. a KOLENO, J. Optimisation of economic parameters and determinants of ruminant production in the Slovak Republic. In Cattle husbandry in Eastern Europe and China. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers, 2014, s. 147-160. ISBN 978-90-8686-232-0.
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Cattle and sheep fanning arc file two most important sectors in Slovak agriculture. Total production of milk, beef and sheep contributed 24.3% to the gross agricultural output in 2010, The most numerous dairy hreeds are Holstein, Slovak Simmental and Slovak Pinzgauer, and the most numerous sheep breeds are the Improved Valachian.Tsigai and l.acaune. Cow-calf herds typically use domestic hreeds and their crosses with meat cattle breads. Dairy cattle and sheep arc (armed in both intensive and extensive production systems. Economic sustainahility in fanning is based on the optimal use of animals suited to the given production conditions. The main determinants of profitability ofSlovakian cattle and sheep farms in recent years were number of animals and production parameters. The external factors affecting profitability included input prices, yield and quality of feeds, and market prices of the outputs. Comparison of costs and revenues is generally a useful method for assessing economic suslainability, for the economic sustainahility of farms it is important to improve (he production and reproduction parameters of cattle herds and sheep flocks. Increased milk yield ofdairy cattle should be provided directly by a higher yield per day, and indirectly by an increased number of lactations per cow as well by a reduced calving interval. Fertility of cows in dairy herds, similar to in cow-calf herds, determines the effectiveness of utilisation of all inputs related to farming. For profitability of cow-calf systems, seasonal calving and increased daily gain of calves to weaning is recommended {1,00 kg per day). Economic optimisation in dairy sheep farms should be based on a higher milk value and a higher conception rale of ewes. The increase in production of milk and lambs per ewe and year can lie reached by crossing the Slovak breeds with dairy sheep hreeds such as Lacaune or East Friesian along with application of early weaning oHambs.

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