Impact of udder health on economics of dairy goat

KRUPOVÁ, Zuzana, KRUPA, Emil a RYCHTÁŘOVÁ, Jana., 2018 Impact of udder health on economics of dairy goat. In 26th Animal Science Days 2018. Nitra: Slovak University of Agriculture, s. n. ISSN
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The impact of udder health on the economics of dairy farms of White Shorthaired goat was investigated using the program ECOWEIGHT. Impact on the farm economics (profit in €/goat/year and profitability in %) was analysed indirectly thought variation in the level of production traits (-10%) along with the variation in the labour and veterinary costs of a goat (+10%). Variation in production level (given in brackets) resulted to decreasing of annual revenues of a goat e.g. by 90€ (milk yield), 30€ (fat content), 16€ (conception rate), 20€ (litter size). The appropriate change in the costs ranged from -17 € to 17 € when milk yield and conception rate was evaluated. The profitability of the system was deteriorated by 4 p.p. to 19 p.p. when litter size and cumulated change of all inputs was applied. In the last mentioned variant the production was declined (-58 kg of milk sold, -0.21 kids born), unfavourable change in the flock structure (+4 females/100 goats for replacement) and in the lifetime of goats (-0.5 year) was found. Indirect economic consequences of udder health problems are high and can be defined more properly when a comprehensive data for the breed will be available.

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