Influence of dietary selenium and vitamin E on quality of veal

SKŘIVANOVÁ, Eva, MAROUNEK, Milan, DE SMET, S. a RAES, K. Influence of dietary selenium and vitamin E on quality of veal. Meat Science, 2007, 76, 495-500. ISSN 0309-1740.
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containing selenium (Se) and vitamin E. The second group received the basal diet supplemented with Se-enriched yeast. The third group received the latter diet supplemented with vitamin E . There was no effect of diet on growth rate, digestibility of dry matter and Se, chemical composition of meat, meat colour and fatty acid profile of meat lipids. The Se supplementation significantly increased Se concentration in muscle. The activity of glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) in muscle and liver tissue of Se-supplemented animals was increased, compared to the control. Supplementation of vitamin E and Se significantly improved the lipid stability of meat only compared to the control diet. Thus, dietary Se supplementation increased the concentration of Se and the GSH-Px activity in meat, but had limited potential for improving meat oxidative stability.

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