Lecithin Emulsifier in Nutrition of Piglets

DANĚK, Petr a ROZKOT, Miroslav., 2008 Lecithin Emulsifier in Nutrition of Piglets. In 7. BOKU-Symposium TIERERNÄHRUNG. Vídeň: BOKU, s. 187-190. ISSN 978-3-900962-78-4
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Piglets were weaned in age of 28 days and sorted into experimental (E) and control (C) group. In each group were 28 piglets. The experiment lasted 28 days. C piglets was fed with commercial feeding mixture, for E group was added lecithin emulsifier in amount 1kg/t mixture. The final weight was about 0.5 kg higher in E group (C = 19.446, E = 19. 886 kg). FCR was 1. 959 in C group and 1. 806 kg in E group (P>0.01).The digestibility of crude fat, crude protein, crude fibre, organic matter and ash was higher in E group to, but only differences in crude protein was statistically significant ( C = 78.50, E = 82.20 %, (P>0.01).

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