Linear and linear-threshold model for genetic parameters for SEUROP carcass traits in Czech beef cattle

VESELÁ, Zdeňka, VOSTRÝ, Luboš a ŠAFUS, Petr. Linear and linear-threshold model for genetic parameters for SEUROP carcass traits in Czech beef cattle. Czech Journal of Animal Science, 2011, 56, 414-426. ISSN 1212-1819.
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The objective of this study was to estimate genetic parameters for the results of classifying of carcass traits by the SEUROP method in beef cattle in the Czech Republic using linear and linear-threshold models. Genetic parameters were calculated and evaluated in a set of 4276 animals of eleven beef breeds and crosses with dairy and dual-purpose breeds (Aberdeen Angus – 1376, Hereford – 994, Simmental- 651, Charolais- 524, Piemontese- 185, Galloway- 162, Blonde d’Aquitaine – 147, Limousine- 106, Highland- 53, Gasconne – 44, Belgian Blue- 34) in 2005-2008. Aberdeen Angus, Hereford, Charolais and beef Simmental were the most numerous breeds. Fixed effect of a classifier, fixed regression on age at slaughter by means of Legendre polynomial of the second degree separately for the each breed and sex and fixed regression on heterosis coefficient were included in a model equation. Genetic parameters were estimated by a multi-trait animal model using a linear model and a linear-threshold model in which carcass weight (CW) was considered as the linear trait and carcass conformation (CC) and carcass fatness (CF) grading as threshold traits. The heritability coefficient for CW differed only moderately according to the method of the genetic parameter estimation (0.295 in linear model and 0.306 in linear-threshold model). The heritability coefficient for CC was 0.187 in linear model and 0.237 in linear-threshold model. The heritability coefficient for CF grading was 0.089 in linear model and 0.146 in linear-threshold model. Genetic correlation between CW and CC was high (0.823 in linear model and 0.959 in linear-threshold model), the correlation between CW and CF was intermediate (0.332 and 0.328, respectively) and it was low between CF and CC. If CW was included in the model equation as fixed regression using Legendre polynomial, lower heritability coefficients for CC (0.077 and 0.078) and CF (0.086 and 0.123) were calculated and the correlation between CC and CF was negative.

ProjektGenetické hodnocení plodnosti a růstu skotu, Udržitelný rozvoj chovu hospodářských zvířat v evropském modelu multifunkčního zemědělství
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