Manual for dairy farmers - Ilustrated guide of cattle housing

NOVÁK, Pavel, MALÁ, Gabriela a PEKÁRIKOVÁ, L. Manual for dairy farmers - Ilustrated guide of cattle housing. Prague: Institute of Animal Science, 2017, 319 s. ISBN 978-80-7403-159-5
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Počet stran319
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The book Guide for dairy cattle breeder – Livestock picture lexicon is determinated not only for all dairy cattle breeders, but also for veterinarians, breeders‘ associations, regional information centers, agricultural consultants, designers, students of high schools and Universities with veterinary and agricultural focus, including other professionals interested in the issue. It provides a comprehensive overview of the various technical and technological solutions commonly used on our farms at different ages of dairy cattle breeds. This publication may be an effective tool for avoiding the most common mistakes during building new stables, reconstructing, modificating the old stables during their assessment and evaluation. A glossary of the most common terms used in the field of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine is a significant part of this publication. This Guide for dairy cattle breeder is based on results of scientific research projects of authors and their practical experiences from the farms. The book also provides a comprehensive guide of good breeding practice, with emphasis on the requirements related to the breeding of dairy cattle in relation to its physiological needs, health and welfare as a prerequisite for the achievement of the genetically productive and reproductive performance. The knowledge of zootechnical, animal hygiene and health conditions of dairy cattle breeding production including compliance with them is an important prerequisite to obtain a healthy breeding material, as well as wholesome raw materials and foodstuffs of animal origin as one of the important indicators of competitiveness and economic rentability of the farm.

ProjektVytvoření systému hodnocení biosecurity, welfare a zdraví hospodářských zvířat pro produkci zdravotně nezávadných surovin a potravin živočišného původu, Rozvoj hospodářských zvířat v multifunkčním zemědělství
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