Manual for dairy farmers - Ilustrated guide of cattle housing

NOVÁK, Pavel, MALÁ, Gabriela, PEKÁRIKOVÁ, L., DVOŘÁK, Z. a FLAK, V., 2017 Manual for dairy farmers - Ilustrated guide of cattle housing. In XVII. Middle European Buiatrics Congress. Košice, Slovakia: University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy, s. 145-148. ISSN 798-80-8077-531-5
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Dairy cows need to be provided certain environmental requirements to support their natural behaviour, welfare, optimal productivity, fertility and health. The housing for dairy cattle must provide a comfortable, clean, well-drained and dry resting area together with a shelter protecting from an adverse weather, space to allow the animal to move, lie down and rise freely as well as access to an adequate food and water. The objective of the Manual for dairy farmers was to provide the farmers, veterinarians, consultants and designers with an effective tool to avoid the most frequent errors when building new cow houses, in reconstructions and adaptations of old barns. The publication offers a comprehensive outline of the advantages and disadvantages of technical and technological solutions available for our herds of dairy cattle of different age categories with examples (pictures) from real farms.

ProjektVytvoření systému hodnocení biosecurity, welfare a zdraví hospodářských zvířat pro produkci zdravotně nezávadných surovin a potravin živočišného původu
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