Natural compounds potentially influencing pig reproduction -review

OPLETAL, L., ROZKOT, Miroslav LUSTYKOVÁ, Alena, FRYDRYCHOVÁ, Soňa, DANĚK, Petr a VÁCLAVKOVÁ, Eva. Natural compounds potentially influencing pig reproduction -review. Research in Pig Breeding, 2008, roč. 2(2), s. 50-54. ISSN 1802-7547.
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At the present time, many outstanding problems in the pig breeding exist. Hence, the number and the range of breeds were significantly reduced and the pork producers were aggrieved. One of the main questions to solve is searching how to increase the reproduction traits in pigs. This problem is considerably complicated, among others by different physiology of both animal sexes. It was detected that, in addition to breeding interventions, the application of the additives of natural origin could be a significant contribution to improvement of reproduction performance in pigs.

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