New breeding objektives for the Czech pig population

KRUPOVÁ, Zuzana, ŽÁKOVÁ, Eliška, KRUPA, Emil a MICHALIČKOVÁ, Monika. New breeding objektives for the Czech pig population. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences, 2017, 87, 778-781. ISSN 0367-8318.
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New breeding objectives for the Czech pig breeding program were investigated among authorised breeders as representatives of the integrated production system. The results indicated that general trends in pig selection schemes are reflected for the local pig population an increase in the scope of breeding objectives was expected by breeders. In addition to the actual breeding objectives, the total numbers of teats in dam breeds and feed conversion in sire breeds were defined as important by 63% and 75% of authorised breeders, respectively. Moreover, the number of weaned piglets, sow longevity and feed efficiency (all in dam breeds) and sperm quality (in sire breeds) were preferred by approximately 1/3 of breeders. Based on the new breeding objectives in dam breeds, growth, reproduction, health, carcass, feed efficiency and other traits would be weighted with 31, 52, 3, 7, 4 and 3 points, respectively. In sire breeds, the appropriate group of traits would be weighted with 46, 3, 1, 41, 8 and 2 points, respectively. Presented methodology can be fully applied to revaluate the breeding objectives of pigs especially when the insufficient knowledge of data for the whole structure of integrated production system is available.

ProjektOptimalizace Českého národního programu pro šlechtění prasat se zvláštním ohledem na funkční a reprodukční znaky
OdděleníGenetika a šlechtění hospodářských zvířat