Optimal growth of heifers and dairy herd production and profitability

KRPÁLKOVÁ, Lenka, CABRERA, V.E., KVAPILÍK, Jindřich, BURDYCH, Jiří, ŠTÍPKOVÁ, Miloslava., CRUMP, P., STÁDNÍK, L. a VACEK, Mojmír. Optimal growth of heifers and dairy herd production and profitability. Saarbrücken, Deutschland: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2014, 84 s. ISBN 978-3-659-58200-4
Kateg. publikaceMonografie; brožury; knihy; kapitoly v knize
Počet stran84
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The aim of this study was to define connections between heifer rearing intensity (average daily weight gain, age at first calving, body condition scores during the rearing phase) and production performance, fertility and longevity of dairy cows in the production period with regard to overal herd economics. A dairy herd is a complex system consisting of two interconnected parts – the milking herd and the replacement herd. Management decisions regarding replacement policy can have profound effects on the profitability of the farm as a whole. Although it is often pursued as a management target, low AFC does not always lead to the most profitable outcome in dairy herd management.

ProjektRozvoj hospodářských zvířat v multifunkčním zemědělství
OdděleníChov skotu, Výživa a krmení hospodářských zvířat