Pig carcass quality in relation to carcass lean meat proportion

PULKRÁBEK, Jan, PAVLÍK, J., VALIŠ, Libor a VÍTEK, Martin. Pig carcass quality in relation to carcass lean meat proportion. Czech Journal of Animal Science, 2006, 51, 18-23. ISSN 1212-1819.
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The objective of the study was to quantify differences in the carcass composition of pig carcasses with different lean meat proportions. The analysed carcasses were classified into the groups according to their lean meat proportion. Carcasses from each group were cut into primal cuts and the main cuts were analysed and lean meat proportions were calculated. Carcass value was markedly enhanced by the increasing carcass lean meat proportion. In carcasses with a high classification score the belly was thecut with the predominant muscle tissue. The results proved the efficiency of carcass evaluation based on the lean meat proportion.

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