Principles of biosecurity in sheep farms

NOVÁK, Pavel, MALÁ, Gabriela, TITTL, K., a KAMARÁDOVÁ, I., 2011 Principles of biosecurity in sheep farms. In XVth ISAH Congress 2011. Vienna: International Society for Animal Hygiene, s. 677-679. ISSN 978-80-263-0009-0
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The aim of our work was to assess the main way of complex preventive measures to minimise the potential disease-causing microorganisms in 41 sheep farms with emphasis on animal health and product quality. There was collected and analysed a complex of preventive measures designed to prevent the penetration of infectious agents into animals by persons, animals, technological systems and equipment, transport, and the point of farm sanitation was also taken into consideration. The infection pressure in farms and in stables proportionally increases with animal concentration, duration of their stay in the stable. This may cause growth of depression and health problems in sheep. Therefore the preventive biosecurity precautions should be incorporated in all sheep farms, so that a good farm hygienic standard practice can be easily maintained.

ProjektVliv chovného prostředí a způsobu dojení na welfare, užitkovost a kvalitativní vlastnosti mléka dojných ovcí
OdděleníTechnologie a technika chovu hospodářských zvířat