Productional data of primiparous dairy cows reared in different social environments during the first 8 weeks after birth

VALNÍČKOVÁ, Barbora, ŠÁROVÁ, Radka a STĚHULOVÁ, Ilona. Productional data of primiparous dairy cows reared in different social environments during the first 8 weeks after birth. Data in Brief, 2022, 42, Article number: 108273. ISSN 2352-3409.
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This paper is composed of 5 datasets describing primiparous milk production, reproduction, body weight, activity and whole life longevity and reproductional data in dairy cows that had been reared either with or without mother for the first four days after birth and either in single housing or housing in groups of four between 1 and 8 weeks of age. The datasets contain the following variables- survival to the first lactation, date of first successful insemination, milk parameters per day (such as sum of milk yield, milk electrical conductivity and milking time), activity and body weight, all these collected during the first standardized lactation of 305 days. Cows‘ longevity, reproduction and other management events were recorded during the whole life of experimental animals (such as inseminations, pregnancy diagnostics, group changes etc.). Calves‘ body weight was measured first 12 weeks of life of the experimental animals. The data include the information about the type of housing (with or without mother, individual vs group housing) in the early ontogeny period and two different breeds (Holstein and Czech Fleckvieh). Data on the milk parameters, body weight and activity were collected twice a day by commercially used precision dairy monitoring technologies. Data on survival to the first lactation, longevity, first successful insemination and other events were recorded by farm managers on farm basis. Data on body weight of animals during early ontogeny were taken after birth, at 4 d of age, at 7 d of age, and then weekly until 12 weeks of age. The data can be used for further analyses of the influence of parameters from early ontogeny on cow performance, especially during the first lactation. This information can be useful for researchers and other stakeholders investigating the influence of early ontogenetic social environment on the dairy cattle performance and welfare. (C) 2022 Published by Elsevier Inc.This is an open access article under the CC BY license

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