Selection for Shape of Growth Curve and Female Reproduction Traits

HYÁNKOVÁ, Ludmila a STAROSTA, Filip., 2010 Selection for Shape of Growth Curve and Female Reproduction Traits. In XIIIth European Poultry Conference, World´s Poultry Science Journal, Supplement. Nouzilly, France: World´s Poultry Science Association, s. CD. ISSN 1743-4777
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In order to provide a new insight into the significance of the different components of the postnatal growth curve, the number, quality and size of eggs during the first 7 months of lay were analysed in the HG and LG lines of meat-type Japanese quail divergently selected for the shape of the growth curve. As material, the progeny of generations 12, 18 and 32 was used. The results showed that the genetic change of the postnatal growth pattern significantly influences the phenotypic manifestation of reproductive traits. An increase in the growth rate immediately after hatching (typical for LG vs. HG quail) was accompanied by a deterioration in the quality of eggs, especially by an increase in the proportion of double yolk eggs. On the other hand, a high growth rate during the linear part of the growth curve (typical for HG vs. LG quail) was associated with a decrease of total egg production.

ProjektUdržitelný rozvoj chovu hospodářských zvířat v evropském modelu multifunkčního zemědělství
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