Shortened Dry Period of 35 Days in Dairy Cows

ČERMÁKOVÁ, Jana, DOLEŽAL, Petr a KUDRNA, Václav., 2012 Shortened Dry Period of 35 Days in Dairy Cows. In NutriNET 2012. Brno: Mendel University, s. 33-41. ISSN
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In this experiment two strategies of dairy cow management and feeding were compared during the dry-off period and their effect on dry matter intake and milk production was evaluated. Shortening dry period to 35 (± 6.3; STDEV) days and feeding a late lactation diet increased prepartum dry matter intake of the cows about 4.11 kg per day compared with cows given traditional dry period 57.1 (± 5.9; STDEV) days. Shortening the dry period however, did not increase postpartum dry matter intake. In contrary, postpartum dry matter intake was about 0.70 kg/cow/day higher in the control group (PO.001). The strategy of shortened dry period decreased milk yield about 3.23 kg/cow/day during the first 100 days of lactation. Due to reduced milk production there was no benefit of extra milk production (396 kg) during extended lactation of the cows with shortened dry period.

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