Sugar and nutritional extremism

BĚLKOVÁ, Jaroslava, ROZKOT, Miroslav, DANĚK, Petr, KLEIN, Pavel, MATONOHOVÁ, Jana a PODHORNÁ, Iva. Sugar and nutritional extremism. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 2017, 57, 933-936. ISSN 1040-8398.
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For many, sugar represents a threat to their health, a perception that is driven by increase in the prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and metabolic disorders, which directly or indirectly is connected with the consumption of sugar. However, is sugar to blame for this health crisis, or are sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet equally important? Today, sugars and fats are being targeted for restriction or even prohibition. Should we get rid of sugar altogether and/or does it merit a reprieve? Is the effort to “outlaw” sugars a symptom of nutritional extremism that can be as harmful as any other type of extremism?

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