The Degradability of Crude Protein Applicated to the Diet of Ruminants

KOUKOLOVÁ, Marie, HOMOLKA, Petr a KOUKOLOVÁ, Veronika., 2016 The Degradability of Crude Protein Applicated to the Diet of Ruminants. In NutriNet 2016. Prague: Czech University of Life Sciences, s. 49-55. ISSN 978-80-213-2638-5
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The aim of this study is determined degradability of crude protein by Cornell system (CNCPS; Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System). According Cornell system is possible to described different degrading part of crude protein into five fractions (A, Bl, B2, B3 and C). These fractions represent soluble and insoluble crude protein. The highest value of soluble protein has rye grass silage (128.0 g/kg of DM) and the smallest value has corn silage (24.0 g/kg of DM). But in average were the values of soluble protein higher for silages (75.4 g/kg of DM) while SOLP of meadow foxtail were in average 35.6 g/kg of DM. Insoluble protein, included especially nitrogen insoluble in neutral and acid detergent, has the highest value for meadow foxtail (161.0 g/kg of DM).

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