The effect of bioclima on the welfare of dairy cows

NOVÁK, Pavel, KAMARÁDOVÁ, J., ILLEK, Josef, KNÍŽKOVÁ, Ivana a KUNC, Petr., 2009 The effect of bioclima on the welfare of dairy cows. In 10th Jubilee Middle European Buiatrics Congress. Košice: University of Veterinary Medicine, s. 282-286. ISSN 0015-5748
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The aim of the work was to evaluate the influence of microclimatic conditions in the stalls for high producing dairy cows. Dairy cows were affected by sudden increase of air temperature or high relative humidity of air more than sudden decrease of air temperature. The amount of daily milk yield was affected by increases of air temperature in the summer, transitional and winter periods and decreases of air temperature in summer. High relative air humidity seemed to be important in winter. Sudden increaseof air temperature affected the animals during all seasons monitored. Sudden decrease of air temperature occurred in the summer and increase of relative humidity was significant only in winter. Dairy cows can be more stressed during longer periods of low temperatures of environment together with high relative humidity of air (moderate winter periods) than by periods characterized by high air temperatures and relatively low relative humidity of air (summer).

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