The Effect of Sanitation of Housing Structures on Calf Performance and Health

NOVÁK, Pavel a MALÁ, Gabriela., 2013 The Effect of Sanitation of Housing Structures on Calf Performance and Health. In XVIth International Congress on Animal Hygiene. Nanjing, China: ISAH, s. 115-117. ISSN
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The aim of this study was to determine the efficiency of cleaning and disinfection of pre-weaning calf hutches and the effect on performance and health of calves. Ten individual calf hutches in a dairy operation were included in the two-year experiment. All the hutches were mechanically cleaned after the weaning of calves. Then half of the hutches were exposed to foam washing with alkaline detergent and disinfection with iodine solution. Microbial contamination of hutch surfaces was determined by swabbing the surface area right after the weaning and removal of calves, after mechanical cleaning, after foam washing and after disinfection. In each swab total bacterial count(TBC) was determined, in accordance with the Czech national standards. The health and body weight were monitored in 98 calves. The experimental data were analysed by the StatSoft statistical package. After the removal of calves from the hutches, total bacterial counts on the inner surfaces wall were ranging from < 1. 0 X 101 to >1.5 x 107 CFU • 10 cm“2. The mechanical cleaning decreased TBC by about 93%. The efficiency of foam washing followed by disinfection of hutch surfaces reached 99%. The results indicate there were no significant effect of disinfection on average daily weight gain and health of calves.

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