The effect of specialized dairy breeds on udder cistern size in Tsigai crossbreds

MARGETÍN, Milan, MAKOVICKÝ, P., MILERSKI, Michal, APOLEN, Dušan, DEBRECÉNI, O. a ORAVCOVÁ, M. The effect of specialized dairy breeds on udder cistern size in Tsigai crossbreds. Slovak Journal of Animal Science, 2011, roč. 44(4), s. 146-153. ISSN .
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Many scientific papers describing the cistern size of ewe’s mammary gland and its impact on ewe adaptation to machine milking have been published until now. Various daily sheep breeds have been investigated by a number of authors (Bruckmaier and Blum, 1992; Bruckmaier et al, 1997; Caja et al, 1999; Margetin et al, 2002, 2003, 2010; Franz et al, 2003; Milerski et al, 2005, Castillo et al, 2008; Macuhova et al, 2010). The udder cistern measurements taken by ultrasonography techniques have also been studied in dairy goats by Wojtowski et al. (2006) and in dairy cows by Ayadi et al (2003). It was shown that udder scanning by ultrasonography is a suitable tool to study ewe’s mammary gland throughout the whole lactation. This is a simple procedure with no special requirements. Nudda et al. (2000), Makovicky (2009) and Margetin et al. (2010) made a recommendation for using sonographic measurements as a good indicator of the cistern size in ewes. Sonographic measurements may be effective criteria for selection of ewes as they enable to identify individuals with high milk yield.

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