The Effect of Two Technological Systems for Calf Housing to the Future Performance of Dairy Cow

MALÁ, Gabriela, NOVÁK, Pavel, ŠTÍPKOVÁ, Miloslava, JIROUTOVÁ, Pavlína, KNÍŽEK, Josef, PROCHÁZKA, David a SLAVÍKOVÁ, Martina., 2017 The Effect of Two Technological Systems for Calf Housing to the Future Performance of Dairy Cow. In XVIII ISAH Congress 2017. Mexico: Autonomous University of Sinaloa, s. . ISSN
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Technology in calf housing during the milk period is one of the most impor­tant factors affecting the health and growth of calves. The aim of our study was assessment of the impact of different types of calf housing on the future performance of dairy cow. The effect of different ways of calf housing during the milk period (from birth to 60 days) was observed in Holstein cattle during 5 years period. The individual calf hutches and individual pens were located on one farm. Calf hutches were placed outside and individual pens were situated under a shelter. All individual pens had runs. The obtained values were anal­ysed by general linear model (Statistica software package, StatSoft). The quali­tative parameters were evaluated by non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis anova. Calves housed in the individual pens under the shelter reached insignificantly lower live weight at the weaning in compared with the calves housed in calf the hutches. The higher prevalence of diarrheal disease and respiratory tract was detected at the calves housed in the shelter, as well as a higher mortality of calves in comparison with outdoor hutches. Heifers which were housed as calves in the hutches have had also higher life weight during the next rearing and were previously inseminated. The first-calf heifers housed in the hutches had significantly higher milk yield (P

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