The fox who cried wolf: A keywords and literature trend analysis on the phenomenon of mesopredator release

SAGGIOMO, Laura, BAR, Valentina a ESATTORE, Bruno. The fox who cried wolf: A keywords and literature trend analysis on the phenomenon of mesopredator release. Ecological Complexity, 2021, 48, Article Number: 100963. ISSN 1476-945X.
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Human activities severely impact the distribution and behaviour of apex predators in numerous terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, with cascading effects on several species. Mesopredator outbreaks attributable to the removal of an apex predator have often been recorded and described in the literature as „mesopredator release“. During recent decades several examples of the phenomenon have been observed and studied in many different parts of the world. In this paper, we quantitatively reviewed the existing literature on mesopredator release using two software packages (VOSviewer and CiteSpace) to investigate patterns and trends in author keywords through occurrences and temporal analyses, and creating relative network maps. The results showed that even though the general scientific interest in mesopredator release has increased in recent decades, the vast majority of studies focus on canid species, leaving many other species or entire taxa (e.g., reptiles) understudied and underdescribed. The connection between invasive species and mesopredator release has only recently been more extensively explored and also the effects of apex predators declining in aquatic ecosystems are still only partially investigated. Due to the increasing effect of biological invasions, overfishing, and either the decline or the rise of apex predators in different parts of the world, we expect an even higher increase in interest and number of published documents on the subject. We also encourage widening the research focus beyond canids to include other important taxa.

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