The importance of prevention, prophylaxis and biosecurity on antimicrobials consumption and the spread of antimicrobial resistance

NOVÁK, Pavel, MALÁ, Gabriela a PRÁŠEK, Josef., 2022 The importance of prevention, prophylaxis and biosecurity on antimicrobials consumption and the spread of antimicrobial resistance. In Abstract Book ISAH 2022. Berlin, Deutschland: Department of Veterinary Medicine, Freie Universität Berlin, s. 114-115. ISSN
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The aim of our work was to create a complex screening system for assessing influences of prevention, prophylaxis and biosecurity practices on reducing usage of antimicrobial substances and AMR developing. We resulted from a professional literature (PubMed, Web of Science) especially the practical experience of the authors. Prevention, prophylaxis and biosecurity measures are critical in the control of all infectious microorganisms as they reduce the need for antimicrobials. Good breeding practice principles play very important role in improving the health status of animals (Postma et all.,2016). The basis of these procedures are, first of all, to ensure an adequate level of immunity after birth, optimalization of the breeding environment, including minimization of animal stress, and adhering of the developed herd health plan. The fundaments of prophylaxis are based on adequate level of innate and acquired immunity and implementation of a vaccination plan. Adherence to the principles of biosecurity significantly reduces the potential risk of infection penetrating on the farm (animals, people, feed and water, means of transport, etc.) and its spread in the farm area (optimization of technological systems, creation of barriers, quality control of raw materials and products, etc.). Overuse and misuse of antibiotics of animals and humans is contributing to the rising of AMR (WHO, 2017). The decision to use antimicrobials to treat humans and animals must be based on the veterinarian’s correct diagnosis, identifying the causative agent and therapy designing based on laboratory confirmation of antimicrobial susceptibility. Under no circumstances may antimicrobials in livestock farms be used to compensate for low hygiene, shortcomings in the work of management, zootechnics and caretakers.

ProjektVliv úrovně managementu chovu a prevence chorob hospodářských zvířat, včetně biosecurity na snížení spotřeby antimikrobiálních látek a šíření antimikrobiální rezistence
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