Tissue-specific fatty acid composition, cellularity, and gene expression in diverse cattle breeds

BARTOŇ, Luděk, BUREŠ, Daniel, ŘEHÁK, Dalibor, KOTT, Tomáš a MAKOVICKÝ, P. Tissue-specific fatty acid composition, cellularity, and gene expression in diverse cattle breeds. animal, 2021, 15, Article Nr.100025. ISSN 1751-7311.
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The nutritional quality of beef relates to the fatty acid (FA) composition of bovine adipose tissue. Those molecular mechanisms that induce the differing amounts and composition of fat in cattle breeds according to age at maturity and purpose of production remain unclear. Therefore, this study investigated the composition of total FAs, adipocyte size, and expression of some key genes involved in several adipogenesis and lipogenesis pathways measured in distinct adipose tissue depots from bulls of the genetically diverse cattle breeds Aberdeen Angus (n=9),Gascon(n=10), Holstein (n=9), and Fleckvieh (n=10). The animals were finished under identical housing and feeding conditions until slaughter at a similar age of 17 months. After slaughter, cod adipose tissue (CAT), subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT), and M. longissimus lumborum (MLL) samples were collected. The saturated FA proportions were higher (P < .01) in CAT than in SAT across all breeds, whereas monounsaturated FA proportions were consistently higher (P < .001) in SAT compared to CAT and MLL. Aberdeen Angus bulls were distinguished from the other breeds in the proportions of mostly de novo synthesized C14:0, C16:0, C14:1n-5, C16:1n-7, and conjugated linoleic acid (P < .05). Adipocyte size decreased in the order CAT > SAT>MLL, and the largest adipocytes were observed in CAT of Holstein bulls (P < .05). Gene expression differences were more pronounced between adipose tissue depots than between breeds. The expression levels of ACACA, FASN, and SCD1 genes were related to tissue-specific, and to a lesser extent also breed-specific, differences in FA composition.

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