Is our colostral nutrition of dairy calves sufficient?

ŠLOSÁRKOVÁ, Soňa a STANĚK, Stanislav., 2017 Is our colostral nutrition of dairy calves sufficient?. In VÚVeL FEST III - od výzkumu k praxi, zdraví a produkce v chovech hospodářských zvířat. Brno: VÚVeL, s. prezentace 1-11. ISSN
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The paper summarized the knowledge of passive immunity of calves, colostrogenesis etc. The factors of dairy cow management that can negatively affect the quality of the colostrum were summarized (the lactation order, dry period duration, premature colostrum secretion, heat stress, etc.) The factors, that negatively affect the passive immunity of calves, were also explained (health state, colostrum quality and quantity, hygiene of colostrum obtaining etc.) The results of preliminary study were introduced: 77.4 % of colostrum samples were of good quality containing more than 50 g IgG/L. The same parameter in primiparous cows (over 50 g IgG/L) reached 74.3 % of samples. Possibilities of effective quality control of the colostrum using densimeter and the refractometer were also summarized. In the case of immune availability of calves (passive immunity) the possibilities of total protein count and IgG content in blood serum were introduced. The ways of calves’ passive immunity evaluation at the herd level were also presented.