IAS participates in the education of students at all levels of secondary and university education.


  • Teaching at agricultural universities
  • Preparation, education and guidance of students (undergraduates and PhD students)
  • Specialised excursions
  • Practical training for students of vocational schools, higher vocational schools, secondary schools of agriculture and universities.


Friendly and unfriendly social relationships among red deer stags (Cervus elaphus) and concentrations of testosterone and cortisol
The degree of communication between humans and dogs, wolf-dogs and wolves in association with the genetic background as a model for application to farm animals
Influence of selected amino acids on the performance and meat quality of fallow deer
Genomic evaluation of dairy cattle using different sources of information
Effects of crossbreeding in the genetic evaluation of sheep
Genetic evaluation of beef cattle fertility
Interactions study of natural-derived compounds with selected antibiotics
Genetic resources of nutrias and their meat performance
Effect of early social environment on dairy calf development
Natural-derived antibacterial and antiseptic compounds and their interactions with antibiotics
Dynamics of nutrient content in biomass of grassland under different management practices
A relationship between genes for the immune system and functional trait (reproduction and health) in cattle
Laterality and directional preference in training of riding horses
Influence of selected genetic markers on mammary gland health and milk performance in small ruminant
Indicators of the negative energy balance in dairy cattle
Sensory active compounds in meat of Czech Fleckvieh cattle
Social mechanisms and functional consequences of playful behavior of piglets


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