IAS participates in the education of students at all levels of secondary and university education.


  • Teaching at agricultural universities
  • Preparation, education and guidance of students (undergraduates and PhD students)
  • Specialised excursions
  • Practical training for students of vocational schools, higher vocational schools, secondary schools of agriculture and universities.


Uniform genomic evaluation of dairy cattle by including animals with different genomic information and of different origin

Antibacterial effects of plant oils containing medium chain fatty acids

Genetic evaluation of fertility in beef cattle

Influence of social environment in early ontogenesis on the rearing of dairy cattle

Concentrations of cortisol and testosterone related to relationships between members of a bachelor group of red deer stags

Use of substances with antibacterial effects in livestock

Relationship of genes for immune system to functional traits (reproduction and health) in cattle

Reducing production of methane through feeding measures

Defining NL fractions in feed in the ruminant diet

Nutritional and organoleptic properties of meat from farmed fallow deer (Dama dama) in various fattening schemes

Defining the digestibility of feed for horses

Impact of additives on the functional properties of boar sperm

Nutria genetic resources and their meat performance

Dynamics of nutrient content in the biomass of grass in different management styles

Estimation of additive and non-additive gene effects in selected breeds of dairy cattle

Defining genetic parameters in selected indicators of sheep and update of the existing methods of livestock evaluation                        

The degree of communication between humans and dogs, wolf-dogs and wolfs
in association with the genetic background

Defining genetic parameters in selected indicators of beef cattle and update of the existing methods of livestock evaluation                        

Ontogenetic and social determination of voice individuality in pigs

Prediction of economic indicators in cattle breeding with a focus on meat production

Negative energy balance indicators in dairy cattle

Influence of the source of NL and non-starch polysaccharides on the production and composition of milk of female rabbits, productivity and viability of their offspring

Change of social environment as a stressor affecting dairy cattle and its production


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