School on the farm or the pupils among farm animals

BEČKOVÁ, Ilona a KNÍŽKOVÁ, Ivana., 2017 School on the farm or the pupils among farm animals. In Vidiecke stavby v európskych regiónoch IV. Nitra: Slovenská polnohospodárska univerzita, s. 34-38. ISSN
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In 2016 the pilot project “School on the farm” was started. This project is supported by Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and Institute of Animal Science is responsible for its implementation. The aim of this project is to familiarize the pupils with breeding and rearing of farm animals (cattle, pigs) and to contribute to popularization of agricultural sector. This project is designed for the pupils of primary schools (I. and II. grade). The pupils are introduced to breeding and rearing of cattle and pigs – exterior, social behaviour, needs, housing, feeding, watering, milking, used technologies, welfare. Further, the pupils are introduced to the importance of milk and the necessity of quality meat production.