Calf biosecurity in Moravian Dairy Farms

MALÁ, Gabriela, NOVÁK, Pavel a POLCR, Stanislav., 2016 Calf biosecurity in Moravian Dairy Farms. In Aktuální otázky bioklimatologie zvířat 2016. Praha Uhříněves: Výzkumný ústav živočišné výroby, v.v.i., s. 30-32. ISSN 978-80-7403-155-7
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The aim of this study was to assess the complex ofpreventive measures to minimize the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms on the farm and their spread inside the farm with an emphasis on dairy calf rearing. Twenty five dairy farms from Central Moravia were grouped by the size of the herd into five groups (under 200, 201-300, 301-400, 401-500 and above 500 cows). Tliere was collected and analysed a complex of preventive measures designed to prevent the penetration of infectious agents into farm by person, animals, health, transport, technological systems and sanitation. Individual characteristics and overall assessment of biosecurity were evaluated by three-point scale (low, moderate and high level).The largest proportion offarms (60%) reached a moderate level of biosecurity in the rearing of calves during the milk nutrition. Tlie high level of biosecurity was found at 32 % farms and only 8 % of all farms had low biosecurity level.