Dairy Cattle Footbaths

STANĚK, Stanislav and ŚLOSÁRKOVÁ, Soňa. Dairy Cattle Footbaths. Náš chov, 2016, vol. 76(Příloha), p. 42-45. ISSN .
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This paper deals with the prevention of lameness in cows in term of claw baths. Cow’s limbs or claws are exposed to infection pressure during movement through handling corridors several hours every day. The most common diseases of claws in cows are digital dermatitis, interdigital dermatitis and other. We can divide the claw baths into the following categories: a) prevention baths to reduce infection pressure, b) therapeutic baths used in cows after any illness is detected. It’s important to prewash claws for the prevention baths. There are dimensions of bathtubs for claw baths listed in this paper. Pros and cons of use of mattresses for claw treatment are also mentioned as well as specifics of claw baths in stalls with automatic milking system.