The influence of breeding technology on the quality of goat milk.

MALÁ, Gabriela, NOVÁK, Pavel, KNÍŽEK, Josef and PROCHÁZKA, David. The influence of breeding technology on the quality of goat milk.. Veterinářství, 2016, vol. 66(11), p. 832-838. ISSN .
CathegoryPublication in specialized journals
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The aim of the study was to determine the level of rearing environment hygiene on the body surface cleanness and the quality of goat milk at two different technology systems breeding of goats during the one lactation. Six hundred goats on the first farm are kept in the stable with free access to runs coherent at the barn. Hundred and forty goats on the second farm are the whole day in pastures and at night in the stable. The cleanliness of the goat body surfaces (tail head, upper rear limb, ventral abdomen, udder and lower rear limbs) before milking was evaluated in the experiment according modified scales by Reneaua et al. After milking the individual milk samples were collected for the determination of selected microbiological parameters (total bacteria count, coliform bacteria, somatic cells count). The experimental data were analysed by the StatSoft statistical package. Based on the obtained values it is possible to say that the breeding technology affects the cleanness of the body surface goats and milk quality.