The impact of udder cleaning on the milk quality

MALÁ, Gabriela, NOVÁK, Pavel, JIROUTOVÁ, Pavlína, KNÍŽEK, Josef and PROCHÁZKA, David. The impact of udder cleaning on the milk quality. Náš chov, 2016, vol. 76(2), p. 82-84. ISSN .
CathegoryPublication in specialized journals
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The aim of paper is to the assessment of the impact of udder cleaning on the microbial surface contamination of teats am quality of milk by microbiological analyzing the teat swabs and samples of milk taken from individual cows and bulk tanks. I was proved a significant effect on the udder toilet on the total number of microorganisms and coliforms. The highest values o microbiological contamination in individual milk samples were found after the udder cleaning made by wet towel. Keywords: cows, udder cleaning, milk, microbial