Zoonoses - ever-present hazard

NOVÁK, Pavel, TREML, F., MALÁ, Gabriela, GALKOVÁ, Z. and PŘIKRYL, I. Zoonoses - ever-present hazard. Náš chov, 2016, vol. 76(12), p. 78-81. ISSN 0027-8068.
CathegoryPublication in specialized journals
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Zoonoses – infectious diseases that are transmitted from animals to human’s and its monitoring – plays an important role in the protection of health in the human and animal populations. From a human perspective pose a health risk, especially for all those who come into contact with animals not only in the workplace (workers in livestock production, nurses, veterinarians, trainers, dog-handlers etc.), but also in the free time (the livestock keepers in companion animals, etc.). In practical terms, in human medicine the basis of infectious diseases prevention are in the first place the strict adherence to the principles of personal hygiene with emphasis on risk groups (children, pregnant women, elderly, socially weak groups) in the veterinary field, then the principles of internal and external biosecurity of animal breeding.